Alzheimer’s Care Tips for Hard Situations

by | December 15, 2023 | Care Tips, Resources

The Alzheimer’s journey may be filled with many challenging and difficult decisions. Here, we’ve gathered helpful links to Alzheimer’s care tips for hard situations, including driving and dementia.

We regularly add new care tip articles to our website, but we know we can’t answer all your questions. Here, we’ve gathered some links to Alzheimer’s care tips for hard situations. Of course, the Alzheimer’s journey may be filled with many challenging and difficult decisions. These are some of the most frequently experienced issues.

Every individual is unique. So, we encourage you to try tips and ideas that have worked for other people. But, we also encourage you to find your own way. Listen to your loved one. Observe their reactions, and modify your care accordingly. Some things may work one day, but not another. Let love be your guide.

Driving and Dementia

Legal and Financial Situations

More Alzheimer’s Care Tips for Hard Situations

Please contact us if you are looking for specific information or tips. We will do our best to answer your question or help find the best resource for you.


  1. Ginger

    Hello, I am currently caring for a patient who lives with her husband. Trying to help them but now he says he can no longer trust her and she keeps mentioning his dead mother and has called 911 on a fake accusation on him. He can’t shake mean things she says to him either.


      Thank you for the care you provide. You’re describing an incredibly difficult situations, one which will have no easy answers. Married couples understandably want to stay together, so too often resist change until situations become unhealthy for both of them. A 911 call could easily lead to authorities separating the couple, so it would be better to make changes before that happens. This will likely require the husband to better that dementia is affecting his wife’s behavior, and he will likely have to make hard decisions about how to better care for both himself and his wife. The book “Contented Dementia” by Oliver James addresses similar situations.


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Author Bio: Eric and his wife, Sheryl, founded Songs & Smiles to support families during the Alzheimer's journey. He loves singing and smiling and helping people living with dementia connect with beautiful memories.

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