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This is just a sampling of our virtual singalong videos. Visit our Vimeo showcase for more.

Music connects people with emotions and memories, and music connects people with each other. We use music to help people who have Alzheimer’s better connect with their family, their friends, their communities, and their own joy-filled memories.

Both our in-person shows and our virtual singalongs create comfortable environments for people living with dementia. We seek to help people go beyond merely listening to fully engaging and participating with the music and with others around them.

All of our singalongs feature uplifting, positive, and widely known songs. We increase engagement by providing easy-to-read lyrics and we encourage people to interact in the way in which they are most comfortable … singing, perhaps tapping toes or standing up to dance, or just listening and smiling. Our virtual singalongs feature an on-screen singalong leader next to the lyrics.

We adapt our live presentations based on the audience, creating comfortable environments for audiences of two to 200 people. Our singalong leaders are trained in best practices of connecting with people who have Alzheimer’s. We hope to eventually build a nationwide network of trained and equipped singalong leaders, available to individual families as well as memory care facilities.

For more about using music to help people who have Alzheimer’s, see Research About Music and Alzheimer’s and our article explaining Why Music Matters.

For our complete selection of singalong videos, please visit our Vimeo showcase.

Be sure to check out our personalized versions of “Happy Birthday to You” and our team-specific versions of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.”


Our Singalong Wish List

We had been leading singalongs at local memory care facilities, but the pandemic forced us to switch gears and move things online. That changes everything … not just the dynamic in the room, but also the licensing aspect. To stream a copyrighted song online (and include the lyrics), you need synchronization, mechanical, master, and print licenses.
We started our virtual singalongs program using public domain music, but we’d love to add some popular copyrighted songs. Would you consider making a donation to help us do that? To give, please visit our Donate page, or check out our special “Singalong Wish List” campaign at GoFundMe Charity.

Sample Singalongs

Visit our Vimeo showcase for more.

This is just a sampling of our virtual singalong videos. Visit our Vimeo showcase for more.

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