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Help us create joy-filled connections during the Alzheimer’s journey. We value connections, and we believe connected groups of people can accomplish great things.

We don’t have any singalongs or community events planned right now but we hope to get back to doing that soon. When we do have live events, we have volunteer opportunities for singalong leaders, setup crews, and workshop facilitators. We also need volunteers willing to interact with the public, answering questions and sharing basic information about Alzheimer’s and Songs & Smiles.

Are you a singer? Volunteer your time to lead a singalong. We’ll teach you our best practices to get you started.

Are you a smiler? Volunteer your time to connect with someone who has Alzheimer’s. We’ll give you some tips and training.

As we grow, we expect to need additional volunteers to help with light office work. We also will need help with our magazines and various other projects.

If you are interested in volunteering with Songs & Smiles, please contact us and tell us a little about yourself and your experience. In the meantime, please also consider helping right where you are by taking time to care for caregivers in your life.

Volunteers at 2017 event

Volunteers at the first Songs & Smiles event in 2017

Sheryl and Jerri

Sheryl with her friend Jerri, helping at a family activity event in 2017

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