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Care for Caregivers

You can make an immediate difference in your community by working to help keep families connected during the Alzheimer’s journey.

Start by caring for a caregiver. Do you know someone who is caring for a loved one who has Alzheimer’s? You can encourage and support them in the journey. Write a note or a letter. Make a phone call. Let them know you are thinking about them, and ask how you can help.

Learn to Care for Caregivers

Perhaps the best way for you to care for caregivers is by learning how to connect better with their loved one who has Alzheimer’s. When you spend quality time with the person who has Alzheimer’s, you are bringing joy to that person as well as to that person’s caregiver.

Browse our care tips and our collection of resources to discover more ways you can care for caregivers. We think the best way to start connecting is with songs and smiles.

Becoming more informed about Alzheimer’s and the challenges of caregiving, you will naturally lend stronger support. You might be able to recommend a book or suggest a song. Sometimes the best care is simply lending a listening ear.

Let Your Story Encourage Others

Your own experience caring for someone living with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia could be a great encouragement to others facing similar challenges. Please reach out to us if you are willing to share your story through Songs & Smiles.

Together, we can help bring joy to the Alzheimer’s journey as we each do what we can to care for caregivers.

Florida Vacation

Sheryl and Eric, supported (literally, as Eric is sitting on Tony’s lap) by their close friends Tony and Cheryl during a Florida vacation in 2019

HomeTeam Christmas

2017 Christmas party with close friends: Robert and Ashlyn, Eric and Sheryl, Tiffany and Jim, Melanie, and Joe and Cecy

Larry, Trish, and Josh

At dinner for Trish’s 75th birthday in 2014, Trish’s son Larry, Trish, and Eric and Sheryl’s nephew Josh

Kathe, Trish, and Tater Tot
Trish enjoying a 2018 visit from her daughter-in-law Kathe, along with Tater Tot