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Our Mission

Everything we do is about KEEPING FAMILIES CONNECTED during the Alzheimer’s journey.

We bring joy to the fight against Alzheimer’s as we pursue our mission by:

1) Recognizing the challenges of the disease with honest awareness wrapped in a positive spirit.

2) Teaching people how to creatively connect with someone who has Alzheimer’s.

3) Encouraging caregivers and families, not just with words but by providing practical resources.

Origin of Our Mission

The mission of Songs & Smiles grew out of the personal experience of our founders. They learned firsthand how difficult it can be to keep family and friends together during the Alzheimer’s journey.

Our mission stems from the desire of our founders to help other families facing the challenges of caring for a loved one who has Alzheimer’s.

Importance of Our Mission

The need is great. Alzheimer’s can destroy connections between families, friends, and communities.

Friends stop visiting. Celebrations cease. Communities quit reaching out. Families drift apart.

Our mission seeks to turn that tragic narrative around. We invite you to get involved in this important work. Together, we can fulfill our mission of keeping families connected during the Alzheimer’s journey.

Our mission - Keeping Families Connected

Extended family at gathering to celebrate Trish’s 78th birthday in 2017

Eric, Trish, and Sheryl

Trish, in 2016, displaying her bright smile and her love for bright colors

Our mission - keeping families connected

During a Christmas season visit in 2013, Trish with her grandson Andrew, oldest son Larry, and his wife, Kathe

Trish and John

Trish visiting with her grandson John in 2017

Trish holding baby Wade

Trish holding her great-grandson Wade during a visit to Missouri in 2009

Mary and Trish and Bill

During their visit from Iowa in 2018, Trish with her sister, Mary, and brother-in-law, Bill

Get Involved

Care for Caregivers

Provide encouragement and support to those on the front lines.

Care Tips

Learn how to better connect with someone living with dementia.

Share Your Story

Encourage others by sharing your own story.


Contact us about getting involved as a volunteer.