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Lance A. Slatton, known as “The Senior Care Influencer,” is the first official brand ambassador for Songs & Smiles.

Lance A. Slatton is the first official brand ambassador for Songs & Smiles. Known as “The Senior Care Influencer,” Slatton is a writer, author, influencer, and healthcare professional with more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry.

“I am honored to be a brand ambassador for Songs & Smiles,” Slatton says. “We are always looking for ways to continue our support for family caregivers and their loved ones on the caregiving journey.”

An ACSAH Certified Senior Care Manager, Slatton serves as a senior case manager at Enriched Life Home Care Services. He created and hosts the award-winning podcast and YouTube channel All Home Care Matters. He also teams with Lori La Bey to co-host Conscious Caregiving with L & L.

In 2024, Slatton published The All Home Care Matters Official Family Caregivers’ Guide. (Note: As an Amazon Associate, Songs & Smiles earns from qualifying purchases.)

Slatton uses his platforms to help caregivers find useful information and tools.

“Songs & Smiles is more than just a resource,” Slatton says. “It is a support system to help lift not only those that have been touched by dementia, but also their family and caregivers. There are not many resources available to family caregivers and their loved ones who are facing health issues like dementia, but Songs & Smiles is helping to change that one song and one smile at a time.”

Here at Songs & Smiles, we feel blessed to be able to share what we have learned and to witness the impact of our work every day. As our official brand ambassador, Lance A. Slatton and All Home Care Matters will spread our story, increase our impact, and help us fulfill our mission.

All Home Care Matters

All Home Care Matters is a multiple award winning podcast and YouTube show hosted by Lance A. Slatton. Each episode is devoted to helping families, caregivers, and their loved ones navigate long-term care issues. All Home Care Matters was the recipient of the Silver Creator Award from Google and YouTube in 2023.

All Home Care Matters features renowned experts and difference makers in the field of senior care and beyond. With more than 24 million views on YouTube and an average of 65,000 audio downloads, All Home Care Matters has cemented its reputation as the nation’s leading voice in long-term care issues.

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Author Bio: Eric and his wife, Sheryl, founded Songs & Smiles to support families during the Alzheimer's journey. He loves singing and smiling and helping people living with dementia connect with beautiful memories.

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