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​We are developing two distinct print magazines for dementia caregivers, one intended to encourage the caregiver, and one designed to share with people living with dementia.

Magazines have played an important part in our story. Trish enjoyed magazines her whole life. As her memory loss progressed, we continued to share moments of joy with her as we looked together through magazines, scrapbooks, and photo albums. Also, Eric has decades of experience producing magazines, and he knows many talented people working in the publishing industry.

To launch both magazines, we need your help. First, we need financial donations to support the undertaking. Second, we are looking for families willing to share their own stories of loving and caring for someone who has Alzheimer’s. Please contact us if you would like to share your story. We promise to handle each story with care.

A Magazine for Dementia Caregivers

Songs & Smiles, a quarterly printed magazine, will be filled with articles, stories, tips, and ideas, designed to reach primary family caregivers and anyone else who loves and cares for someone who has Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. Editorial content for departments and feature articles will encourage readers to Grieve, Rest, Invite, Connect, and Celebrate.

Planned subscription price is $15 per year. Subscribers will receive discounts on additional copies and gift subscriptions.

A Magazine for People Living With Dementia

For people living with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, magazines are familiar and comfortable. Print affirms human connection as it conveys permanence, credibility, and authenticity.

When we visit memory care facilities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to lead singalongs, we often see residents with magazines … sometimes reading them, sometimes looking at pictures, sometimes just holding them.

With your support, we will produce a printed magazine designed for families to share with loved ones living with dementia. Content will be timeless and intergenerational, featuring original and curated pictures, stories, poems, and jokes. Each 24-page issue will focus on a specific topic.

We have already developed editorial outlines, design principles, and a list of issue topics, and we are ready to start designing and printing prototypes. We need to raise at least $6,000 for initial editorial and design expenses plus production of a small number of copies. We want to raise $25,000, so we can print and distribute 2,500 copies of our first four issues. Raising more than that will allow us to increase the quantity of our initial distribution and continue to provide magazines to families at no charge to them.

This magazine will provide a comfortable and familiar experience, helping people living with dementia connect with memories and emotions. Please donate today and help turn this vision into a reality.

We have set up a special fundraising campaign in support of this project.


To contribute to this project via JustGiving, please click this donate button:



Magazines for Dementia

Resident of a memory care facility reading a magazine (photo by Brad Newton)

Trish looking at scrapbook

Trish, in 2009 along with her friend Jan, reading pages from a scrapbook presented to her by her family on her 70th birthday

Trish with painting

Trish displaying her just-completed watercolor painting in 2017

Smiling senior woman reading

Trish cheering on the Texas Rangers during the 2010 World Series

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