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Family Photos

Family photos become cherished treasures. These days, it’s easy to capture moments with the cameras on our phones, so make sure someone is taking pictures at every family celebration, big or small.

Your loved one living with dementia may enjoy looking at pictures on a phone, but make prints of your best family photos. Then hang them on a bulletin board or put them in a photo album or a scrapbook, so your loved one may enjoy them over and over again.

Schedule on-site family photos in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Families can create and capture new memories by gathering to pose for family photos with a professional photographer. We have partnered with Brad Newton (bnphoto.com) to provide on-site family photo sessions at memory care, assisted living, and independent living facilities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

We charge by the hour, and we offer special rates for memory care facilities. Typically, a facility will schedule Brad for 1 or 2 hours, then ask families to reserve 15-minute or 20-minute sessions. Within a few days following the sessions, families will receive an email link to downloadable hi-res images.

Alternatively, facilities may schedule our photographer for 1 or 2 hours coinciding with a family party. In this case, families sign up at the event to get their pictures taken, and Brad may spend a shorter amount of time with each family. Hi-res images will then be provided to the facility contact for distribution to individual families.

Contact Eric Kolb at eric@songsandsmiles.com for custom quotes or more information.

  • Convenient for memory care, assisted living, and independent living facilities.
  • Discounted rates for memory care.
  • Professional photographer with experience working with people living with dementia.


Family Photos

Louis and Lorene Miller celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary, posing with their five children. (photo by Brad Newton)

Eight ladies in the Beeson family line

Family photo of three generations of “Beeson Ladies.” From left, Trish’s grandniece Sydney, niece Stacey, grandniece Emma, sister Mary, Trish, daughter Sheryl, niece Terri, and grandniece Grace. (photo by Brad Newton)

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