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Donor Information

We have a big vision for helping caregivers and families. We need your support to turn that vision into reality.

Our Distinct Focus

  • We focus on care, not the cure.
  • We focus on practical and positive care.
  • We focus on supporting primary caregivers by involving family, friends, and communities.
  • We focus on joy.

Will you please support Songs & Smiles financially? Please give what you can, and we promise to put it to good use.

Please click DONATE to give using credit card of PayPal. Or, mail a check to: Songs & Smiles, 129 S. Main Street, Suite 260, Grapevine, Texas 76051.

Our Singalong Wish List

We had been leading singalongs at local memory care facilities, but the pandemic forced us to switch gears and move things online. That changes everything … not just the dynamic in the room, but also the licensing aspect. To stream a copyrighted song online (and include the lyrics), we need synchronization, mechanical, master, and print licenses.
We started our virtual singalongs program using public domain music, but we’d love to add some popular copyrighted songs. Would you consider making a donation to help us do that? To give, please visit our DONATE page, or check out our special “Singalong Wish List” campaign at GoFundMe Charity.

Additional Information (PDF files):


Informational Overview

Programming Information

Changing the Narrative

2021 Letter from Eric and Sheryl Kolb

2020 Impact Report

2021 Programming Priorities

Overview for Donors

Our Planned Print Magazines

2019 IRS Form 990-EZ


Our Story: The Three of Us on Trish's 80th Birthday

Co-founders Eric and Sheryl Kolb with Sheryl’s mom, Trish, on Trish’s 80th birthday in 2019

Our Team: Co-founders Eric and Sheryl Kolb, a big part of why we exist today as a nonprofit organization

Eric and Sheryl Kolb working at the first Songs & Smiles event in 2017

Your donation will impact lives.

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