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Caring and guidine

Eric guiding Trish through a buffet line in 2017

Care Tips

Caring for someone who has Alzheimer’s can be hard. Yes, there are rewards, too. But some days send you looking for answers.

At times there are no answers, but we share ideas and tips we hope will help guide you through some challenges. Our care tips focus on three areas: connecting, involving others, and celebrating.



We add regularly to our collection of practical resources for caregivers. For example, we share helpful links, free digital downloads, and music playlists.

Also, we recommend and review our favorite books about caregiving and the Alzheimer’s journey.


Alzheimer’s Books

A few books about Alzheimer’s care from our personal library

Woman at gym

Trish and Sheryl enjoying a moment of joy at Trish’s 70th birthday party in 2009

Your Well-Being

As you care for someone who has Alzheimer’s, you also need to care for yourself. 

Many caregivers simply try to survive. We, however, want you to thrive. To that end, we share practical ideas and tips.


More for Caregivers

Educational Workshops

Our workshops are designed to get practical information and resources directly to caregivers.

Printed Magazines

Check out our magazines … one for caregivers, and one to share with loved ones who have Alzheimer’s.

Interactive Singalongs

We create environments designed to connect families and friends, while also connecting to joy-filled memories.

Our Story

We know what it’s like to love someone who has Alzheimer’s.